Aug. 12th, 2016

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It's... it's night. How did you get here? Why are you out on the lake, why does it feel like your fingers are burning (or numb, or any other sort of effects those darn symbols did)? Why is...

the. the weird old man there. with a hatchet. and dull glassy eyes, and Hamilton is a limp pile on the ice. you know what fuck it why is there a shifting mass of some sort of bestial form behind him?

"Now let's get this little show on the rode fellas. We have a tradition around here. It's a bit unfair, but we need to play a little ritual just so everyone keeps moving along. Each night, when everyone's asleep, you're going to pick one person who's going to die, and then you're going to kill them. Brutal, all quietly, it doesn't matter, just someone is dead at the end of the night."

He pauses for a second, "and that can't be each other, if you willingly give yourselves up, everyone dies, because some people couldn't play by the rules. So each night somebody goes, and each day, they try to figure out who's doing it and finish them off themselves. it's like wolves and sheep.

Now don't look so upset, because the ritual ends when there's as many sheep as there are wolves, and all of you get to go home.... minus the four who would have passed on. Doesn't that seem simple?"


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